A business vision without borders


SEYSES is an international company that offers solutions through technology services that allows the homologation and documentation management of subcontractors, besides offering security plans and outsourcing labor.

We offer solutions through technology forefront services for the coordination of business activities where necessary. Our wide experience in the sector allows us to cover a complete labor process, as well as to apply complementary solutions to ensure business success of those who use our services.


Our company seeks excellence in a responsible way with society and caring about the environment in which we develop our integral solutions.


Thanks to the experience of our team in the sector, at SEYSES we know perfectly the necessary procedures to mediate between our clients and subcontractors.


Simplifying Work respond to the constant search through innovation to improve our services and meet our customer’s needs, where they need us.


At SEYSES we feel a strong commitment to the environment and its resources. Therefore, we carry out environmentally sustainable business practices that protect future generations.

What do we offer?

SEYSES currently has locations, in Spain, Mexico and Chile, from which we work with companies from all over the world. Our global view of the business sector knows no borders and we want to make our business flexibility the added value that makes us lead our sector.

We want to understand what adds value for our customers and to focus on providing that value in everything we do, serving our customers and continually challenging ourselves to achieve quality standards in our technology solutions without compromising safety standards at work.

All this based on respect and openness to diversity of cultures and traditions, striving to integrate into the customs of each country where we are operating, while maintaining SEYSES fidelity to values ​​and principles.

Who we are?

Pablo Ochoa

Julio Alba

Ana Fernández

David Arjona

SEYSES is present in Spain and Latin America by strengthening the production systems of our customers and ensuring our commitment to the environment, as well as to workers and the companies that rely on our services.

During the operating time of SEYSES, we have succeeded in managing the services offered to the different companies that have trusted us. Thus, we consider our experience in the sector, as a guarantee in the execution of future projects.

In addition to coordinating the absolute legality of employees in operations that require multiple subcontracts, we offer through our job board a brokerage service in recruitment.

“Our commitment and energy in each project differentiates us.”

Ana Fernández. CFO