Gestión Documental, Acreditación y Control de Acceso

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At SEYSES, we cover a complete labor process for the Coordination of Business Activities, as well as apply complementary solutions to ensure the business success of those who use our services.

We accompany our clients throughout their projects and investments to minimize the risks and responsibilities that are assumed when outsourcing activities. Through an efficient and innovative technological platform, operated by highly qualified professionals, we guarantee the documentary control and accreditation of the entire subcontracting chain: companies, workers and machinery.

We ensure that all contractors and subcontractors have the documentation and legal requirements according to the regulations of each country, increasing the safety levels of projects and reducing accident rates.

Workers Credentials

Graphics and Statistics

Immediate reports

Automatic QR code generation

Automatic QR code generation

At SEYSES, we 100% accredit worker and machine access based on the legal and regulatory requirements of each country


Highly trained in document validation. They are local people

Increased levels of safety on site

Automatic generation of QR code credentials. Avoid identity theft

Compliance with the Organic Law on Data Protection

Release of payments according to documentary status

Personalized attention to the subcontracting chain

Document Management, Accreditation and Access Control

We have an Access Control App in constant development that allows us to monitor (presence control) the document status of each element (worker or machine), improving the timing of the project

“From anywhere in the world, and at any time, the entrepreneur can know the situation in which the process is”

Pablo Ochoa. Managing Director Spain & Portugal